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Poem: Breathing Heart

Updated on August 5, 2009

I wrote this while closing my eyes, taking a deep breath, and envisioning the soul gliding across the galaxy, over distant stars, and into God’s palace. The place, the creation and the beginning of time.

Breathing Heart

I close my eyes and walk across the sky
Lifted higher by warm memories bright
As Fireflies lacing this dark canvas of dusk
An undiscovered pathway guiding me

Light in step
I’m drawn toward the radiance of a distant supernova
A heart warm and welcoming
Gently guiding me

In darkness,
Though not alone,
A sound
One voice
The conductor before a cosmic symphony of vibrations
A whisper
Softly guides me closer

Traveling through time
Flowing between colorful dimensions unset
My journey folded by the fabric of space-time returns me there
The place atop mountains where I toss past into ocean’s depths
The place where I am free
The beginning of a new exhale
The first breath as my heart breathes


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