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Collection of Love Poems and Letters

Updated on November 25, 2013

Still Loving You

Did they make you laugh

Did they make you cry

Did they stand by you

When you had tears in your eyes

Through thick and through thin

Through love and through hate

Did you know in your heart

That this person was great

Even when they’re gone

Do you still feel them there

Do people think your crazy

But you just do not care

Do you hold on to your Faith

Knowing your heart would not lie

Did you know that everyday

For you I still cry

Did you know at 3am

When everyone’s in bed

I wish that you were here with me

But I feel emptiness instead

Did you know that you are special

And that I hope the best for you

And did you know that every night

I still say I love you

Holding on to the Memories

I know it has been some time now since we last spoke, since we looked into each other’s eyes. I really miss the way you use to look at me. It made me feel so overwhelmed and just being in your presence brought butterflies to my stomach. Like a child filled with excitement. When we were together, I could actually sense the love coming out of you. I have never felt that way before. At times I feel suffocated because my emotions are so deep and I feel as though I cannot breath. Your sensual touch is something that I imagine every day. Just to have you lying next to me would make all the pain disappear.

Not a day goes by without me thinking of you. Wondering how you are doing. Wondering if you ever think about me. Is your heart as full of love and hope as mine? You are like a drug that I am addicted to. I only want more. I feel so high when we are together. You take me to a place that one could only imagine.

I know there were some struggles, especially at the end. But it only made me realize how much I would fight to fix it. How much you really meant to me. Nothing comes easy and this is a battle worth fighting for. I will follow the emotions of myheart. Though I hope to have you in my arms again one day, I only want what’s best for you. Your happiness will make me happy. I want you to excel in life. Do your best and live out your dreams, with or without me. Just knowing that I fought for "my cause" will bring me great joy.

Just remember you have inspired me. You have taught me the lessons of love, laughter and happiness. You have taught me what true love really is. Because of you I have a deeper understanding of who I am. I am thankful for that. There are a lot of people who have never had the chance to feel true love. It is beautiful. You are beautiful and I will love you always.

Love Songs

There are Times

There are times I can’t figure out

Why I feel the way I do

This world is filled with so many things

But yet I think of you

There are times I think I’m crazy

Nobody else gets how I feel

But when I sit and think about it

I know my love is real

There are times I wish I could walk away

And leave you in the past

But no matter how hard I try to do that

That feeling never lasts

There are times I know without a doubt

That we are meant to be

I sit and pray and talk to got God

Asking you and I are WE

There are times that I don’t care

What other people say

I hold strong to my faith

And everyday I pray

There are times when I don' t know

If these feeling are right or wrong

But the strong desire in my heart

Lets me know that we belong

There are times when I understand

The reason for the tears

Experience means lessons

To wipe away our fears

But despite all the emotions

That wonder through my mind

There has NEVER been a time

Where I wished your weren't mine


Love Will Conquer All

We are worlds apart

And miles away

But I still think of you everyday

I no longer cry and my life still goes on

But the joy to my heart will never be gone

You had a way of bringing sun into the night

You always made the darkness so vibrant and bright

I never felt so safe

As I did when I was with you

I don’t even know if you can comprehend

How much I really loved you

When I think of you I smile

Knowing that my love was always true

Until this very second, I would still do anything for you

The heart does not lie

And as God shows me the way

I believe the impossible

Is so possible one-day

I have changed so much as the time has gone by

But its like my feelings have been frozen in time

As I speak to God I pray for him to unite us once again

Give us another chance, the strength and the courage

For us to be lovers as well as best friends

The problems that we shared, I feel were a blessing in disguise

So many things about myself I finally realize

No matter what happened between you and I

I feel we can conquer as one

We can climb that mountain no matter how tall

Because where there is great love

Love rises above all

So even thought I can’t feel your touch that sets my heart on fire

It’s your strong will, your loving soul and your love that I desire

I no longer fear my feelings

I don’t care what people say

The world can think I am crazy

But maybe the world has never felt this way

I think love is something to cherish

And true love is hard to find

I believe in soul mates

And I believe that you are mine!


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    • jennshealthstore profile image

      Jenn 7 years ago from Florida

      Thanks Dr irum.

    • Dr irum profile image

      Dr irum 7 years ago

      Nice poem .i enjoyed reading .

    • KristenGrace profile image

      KristenGrace 7 years ago from Philadelphia, PA

      I can relate to this, and there's a big part of me that wishes I couldn't :(