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Poem: Epiphany

Updated on March 13, 2009


Inhaling the quiet morning still
A tale revealed
A journey across the sky
Rebirthed between the cirrus shadows high

This tale
An experience of life
Lived at the dawn of each breath
An instantaneous explosion of conscious I
An awakening of soul held high
At the infinite union of sky and ocean depth

Here at the beginning of no end
Time’s noose falls free
A new touch cradled by the touch of the feathered quill
As I see fears jest in the sunrise
Lain still beneath the willow
A life seen
Lived in the crisp cloudy exhale seen
Felt in the rising warmth seen
A hand as realities needle weaves a quilt from memories twill

As it is I in time who experiences the new
A revelation
An exaltation
A realization of fields where I lie as dust between the stars
The wave illuminate from whence I see as tomorrow rises
Closer toward the now.. drifting from afar


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