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Poem: First Love or Infatuation

Updated on November 19, 2010

They say first love never die

I guess they're dead wrong

My first love died a slow and painful death

A long, long time ago.....

You were my first

you were my world

Oh how I loved you,

I was your half

You were my half

You made me whole

Or so I thought.....

But then you left

Without me by your side

I thought I would die

I was so devasted at first

But then liberated.....

I found out I never was

Never was in love

I wonder how

How I could have loved you

Thought I loved you

Now I know I never did......

I guess it was just infatuation

I thought I was in love

I know now

I never was

Never was in love

Just infatuated.


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