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Updated on September 12, 2016


Further into the slide of doom

my thoughts linger with the fog

of the morning tide -

I think I made you up

as I shut my eyes and let the

flashes of light dance freely.

I fancied the fog to reappear

to hover over my lost heart

wondering if the sun would ever return

I wonder if I was dreaming

or were you already there?

Did I forget your name as

the haze crawl’s across my eyes

Then I blink and see the night sun

gazing at me as I try to focus on the

lingering mist -


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    • MarionAnn profile image

      MarionAnn 7 years ago from Vancouver Island, BC

      Thank you for your support. I've written many poems and now it is time to share them~

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 7 years ago from Wales

      A brilliant poem, thank you so much for sharing.

      I can see that you are relativly new so welcome aboard. I hope that you will continue to write and share your hubs with us all on here.

      take care.

    • Heart Felt Book profile image

      Cheri Taylor 7 years ago from New York, NY

      great hub!!!love the poem keep hubbing...thanks for sharing

    • alternate poet profile image

      alternate poet 7 years ago

      very foggy ! welcome to hubpages and bring more poetry :)