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Love Poem For My Daughter Kate

Updated on August 11, 2012

Poem for Kate

It doesn't seem possible to me that my youngest, my beautiful baby girl, turned 30 this week. I guess that makes me about 41 - oh I wish! It was such a ride raising all of our kids. I truly wish I could go back in time and do it all over again....leaving out the hard parts of course.

Back when we were first married, we didn't think about 'family planning' - we just planned to have a family! Much to our surprise, within a few short years we had 2 boys and I was the ripe old age of 24 when Pat was born. When we discovered Patrick's birth defect and how severe it was, we were 'supposed' to not have any more children.

Katie Days

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I can only thank the heavens and all the powers that be that we hadn't quite made up our mind just yet and lo and behold, I was pregnant again. It was a pregnancy that kept me on pins and needles in many respects but then the result - to coin one of my favorite words - priceless!

The gift I was given that day surpasses all others and although the boys were extra special too and I was so grateful for them, coming through the fire with Kate solidified our lives together somehow and made it all the more healing, all the more magical. Life was never the same for us when we met Katie!

To be a mom has been my treasured pleasure and all the gifts in the world could not mean more to me than having my children. Having my daughter - now that was truly the icing on the cake!

My Katie Girl

A mere thirty years ago this day

My heart took flight - I was swept away

Afraid to hope but not wanting to fear

I couldn’t wait for my babe to appear

I always say it was love at first sight

You were the outcome of my plight

Kicking and squalling you burst into view

Somehow denoting you had much to do

I looked down at you through tears of joy

Even better for me – you weren’t a boy!

What luck did I have to receive this prize

Also knowing you had 2 perfect eyes

Words can never express what we felt

To feel such joy, have our hearts melt

Daddy’s little girl, mom’s little doll

You brought us joy and kept us in thrall

Blessings you’ve brought have been numerous

Though not every moment has been humorous

You taught us much and gave us such pleasure

These 30 years has become our treasure

Where would I be without Katie days

Surely I’d be in a befuddled haze

With you came wonder and adventures

So much to learn, many new ventures


I can attest in parenting each day’s a ride

With you, Kate, we’ve been filled with pride

Always knowing just what you wanted

Even in bad times, you went undaunted

Your life has seen strife and much passion

But you’ve emerged in remarkably poised fashion

What would a “perfect” daughter possess

Without a doubt you are her with finess

It seems only yesterday to me

I held my pink little bundle so happily

Though it pains me time passed by so fast

It’s a a blessing to see love bloom and last

A most beautiful part of your father and me

I’ll treasure our moments until eternity

The future holds much to see and do

We watch to see where life takes you

Grateful we both are for our little girl

The oyster containing a beautiful pearl

What a priceless gift we received that day

Making 30 years seem like yesterday

We may not know what your future will hold

But be assured we’ll happily watch it unfold

Blessings sometimes come out of the blue

We believe that when we think of you

Happy birthday, Kate and many more

You are the daughter that we adore

Hoping you prosper and have all that you need

Happiness, memories and true love indeed

Know that we were here- right from the start

You will always and forever have our heart


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