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Poem-For Once You Were Not Alone

Updated on May 13, 2014

The Occupy Movement

For once you were not alone

They were all with you, young, old, middle aged, all of them standing, sleeping beside you

For once you were not alone

Who could tell the rich from the poor, when all of you were bare

All of you slept on the same ground and you could mix in, without being notice

For once you were not alone

How wonderful it must have been in some states, where the Occupy Movement was so organized that you were able to share in three meals delivered daily

For once you were not alone

No one forbid you to use the restrooms nearby, some thought it and honor to allow you in, Why, Because they could not identify you from all of the other housewives, students, business men, business women, activist, and other members of society, sick and tired of the middle class bearing all of the burdens of others

For once you were not alone

For once you were not alone or lonely and not stared at singly, you was proud to march and sit in the round table sessions and when you spoke they listened, because they did not know that you were the one last week on the corner with your head down and hand out, and it felt good

For once you were not alone

So good to feel a part of something and you knew in your heart it would eventually end

For once you were not alone

No revolution last forever, No revolutionaries last forever, even revolutionaries eventually go home. Then all of a sudden you were alone again, unwanted, sitting in the rain and cold, alone, No more tents, free food, comanderie

For once you were not alone

You wondered if one of them would remember your name, come to sit with you and talk with you in the park, walk with you down the street, will you still be welcomed to use the public bathroom, will anyone care if you have eaten, will there be a mass contribution on line to meet your nutrition needs, will it have a name like Operation Homeless, Occupy Shelter

For once you were not alone

No, you will be alone again when all of the occupiers go home! Where you could drink and be merry finally with people who got a taste of what it is like, to feel, the way you have felt for years; to feel like the American Dream is only a memory

For once you were not alone

How comforting it must have been when someone allow you to share their blanket, sleep under their tent and when you were arrested, your bond was paid

For once you were not alone

For once you could blend in and you didn't stick out like an unwanted guest at the dinner table of life, when the rain came and the mud covered all of you, no one could tell that you were here the last rain fall, all muddy and all alone

For once you were not alone

The occupiers were your brothers and sisters if only for a brief moment, they sang with you in the cold, slept and ate with you while sitting on the ground , you finally felt safe because there was a multitude feeling what you have felt like for years, for days, for so long, you cannot remember when it all began, the hopelessness, the last time you had a home, a family, a roof over your head, the last time you hoped, the last time , the last moment, the last second before you gave up

For once you were not alone


For once you were not alone

Abandoned by society, watching the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, until the Police came and broke up the Party, you had a ball, and smiled every day, because you the homeless, the forgotten, that occupy the streets night and day finally did not feel alone

For once you were not alone!


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    • Honorablewoman profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Georgia

      Thank You, Thank You!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      May there come a day when no one is alone unless they want to be.

      Voted up and beautiful


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