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Poem: God Please

Updated on August 21, 2011

I wrote this on 12/7/2010 while I was going thru a deep dark dilemma, struggling with a decision. In those moments when I (as a Christian Man) look upward for answers, all I can ask is "God Please!"

God Please

Soothe this infected soul,

Speak your healing salve into bloodied gaping wounds,

Calm raging anxieties with a whisper

Bandage rest around a mind injured from wretched toil.

Guide this reluctant footstep towards trust,

Bring freedom from mistakes straightjacket,

Slide velvet underneath these bloodied knees supporting hands placed before you,

Lift this saddened chin while calmly assuring You are more than enough.

Tell me it will be ok

Tell me hope of life is not a tease,

Show me the answer is given before the ask,

Help me humble and ask,

God please,

God please,

God please.


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