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Poem: God Please Help Me

Updated on June 9, 2015

Through Christ, all things are possible.

God please help me change my ways

I don't even know who I am these days

I need to figure out my purpose here

completely failing is what I fear

I wish I could completely clear my head

and accomplish my dreams before I'm dead

I need to feel whole, I need to feel complete

as strong I am I will never except defeat

even though it's hard I know some day

my life will be complete in every way

there's always crazy things in my head it seems

It's nothing but the devil and his crazy schemes

I've made up my mind, I wont lose this fight

I will be happy and live my life right

I can't wait till the day I'm completely well

and don't have to live everyday in hell

copyright 2012


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  • tammybarnette profile image

    Tammy Barnette 5 years ago

    Fantastic! I feel the same way, it's nice to know others are struggling to fing their purpose, I always think I am the only one not in the know. Thanks:) Voted all things up!