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Poem: How can you tell...

Updated on June 12, 2015

It's so hard to find true friends.

How can you tell if someone's your friend

Take up for you till the very end

Wont talk about you behind your back

Get mad when others try to talk smack

When your in the game people are fake

Trust everyone that'll be a mistake

A true friend will call you when nothings around

And they will always call you when something is found

No matter what will they be there

If your in trouble will will they care

Will they have your back take up for you

If that's what you need that's what they'll do

Don't trust every person you might meet

You can't trust people that come off the street

Always stay alert and be low key

Things that you do don't let no one see

You never know when there's a snake in the grass

The moment you slip up that might be your a_ _

caopyright 2012


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