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Poem: How do you know

Updated on June 11, 2015

"To find true love, what a blessing."

How do you know when love is true

How do you know when love is true?

You think they care as much as you?

You would die and take their place.

Nothings sweeter than their face.

Next to them is where you want to be,

bad things they do you refuse to see.

They break your heart and leave you alone.

You where there for them and now they're hone.

Wake up girl and take a look around,

true love for you has not yet been found.

I know one day I'll meet that guy,

When times get rough wont say goodbye.

I am still young it's not the end,

I need someone to be my friend.

I have no patience this I know,

If someone loves you it should show.


We've all faced things in our lives that have been hard to handle. It's sometimes hard to tell who's your friend and who's not. All I can say to you is to be true to yourself and respect yourself and then others will do the same. I'm far from perfect but for those who say that people don't ever change, they're wrong. I know this for a fact because I feel like I've changed a great deal. In fact, I change everyday. It all depends on you what people think of you. It all depends on the way you treat other people how other people will treat you. And never expect things to get all better overnight just because you do one good thing. It takes work to redeem yourself from evil.

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