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Poem: I Am a Wave

Updated on May 31, 2010

I am a wave

Upon the sea

You are the wild wind

Caressing me

Touching true and

Touching anew

You touch from

Within the soul of you

From oceans deep

To skies above

I am so in love

With you, my love!

You are starlight

In the night

The soft rays

Of dawn's first light

In you there is freedom

In you there is love...

A love that's as tender

As morning's first dove

I will always love you,

My eternal love!

© Niall Markey 2010


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    • ahorseback profile image

      ahorseback 5 years ago

      Awesome my man!.......Yea....:-}

    • SwiftlyClean profile image

      SwiftlyClean 7 years ago from Texas

      NiallMarkey, that is very beautiful.


      Sharon Smith