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Poem: I Thank You

Updated on June 12, 2015

Your special

You are deer to me.

Thank you for being you!

I thank you for being who you are

cause most peoples thoughts don't go very far

I truly believe that you mean what you say

you make me feel special every day

someone who loves you through thick and thin

a special person to be your friend

a perfect couple could there ever be

I'm a good woman I could see you with me

I'll make you happy do whatever I can

I could really see you being my man

please take your time and figure out your life

take a look back at you and your wife

don't get me wrong cause I want you bad

what matters is you even if I'm left sad

everything will be alright I promise it will

to have a catch like you what a steal

a heart made of gold but just tough enough

takes care of business and remembers the small stuff

just keep on being just who you are

an attitude like that will take you far

your very special and I want you to know

you should take the path your heart says to go

copyright 2012

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