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Poem: I sit alone

Updated on June 12, 2015

No body wants to be alone and no body wants to question their partners love.

I sit alone at night,

wondering if this feelings right.

My love for you is very strong,

I think about you all night long.

The love I had for you was true,

I wonder if you loved me to.

But it's okay cause I've moved on,

I don't even want to talk on the phone.

A hate I've developed deep down in my heart,

I think you've played me from the start.

That girl you've got can't be better than me,

wait a little while then I know you'll see.

But when you realize it'll be too late,

don't think in your mind I can't find a date.

Cause you see sweetheart I'm better than you,

just give it some time and you'll see that to.

So have your fun for just a little while

because in the end I'll wear a smile

It wont be long my pain will go away

and you will suffer everyday


Rachelle's Poems: I sit alone at night

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