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Poem-If it is Easy, Then it isn't Love

Updated on May 16, 2014
The Ultimate Act Of Love
The Ultimate Act Of Love | Source

Poem-True Love Is Never Easy

Tell me what was easy about him taking my beatings that was for my sins

If it is easy, then it isn't Love

Tell me what was easy, when he could have destroyed his persecutors, however, he was on a mission and gave up his mighty power for Love

If it is easy, then it isn't Love

Tell me what was easy, about him carrying that heavy cross that represented everything that was wrong with the world

If it is easy, then it isn't Love

Tell me what was easy about the brutality he suffered and he didn't say a mumbling word

If it is Easy, then it isn't love

Tell me what was easy when he gave up the ghost surrendered his spirit, So, I can live free

If it is Easy, Then it isn't Love

The world of God reveals it all, Sacrifice and love goes together and when was sacrifice EASY?

I wrote this poem because so many us believe that the greatest love is the easiest love. When in fact history shows the greatest acts of love come with sacrifice and dedication and a spirit of determination. This reality of what makes relationships last in all walks of life came be applied to home, your church family and even work. The old saying "anything worth having is worth working for" is so true in this day and age. The things we use to be able to count on is over, money, fame and fortune is only held by a few., the rest of us, the majority of us live day to day, trusting in God that are banks will not close, our jobs will not disappear and our spiritual leaders do not fall. The only that I feel is certain, is the Love Of God, that gives me the strength to hold on, to help where I can, to love every chance I get, and to be the best I can be to my fellow man. It is his love that compels me not to take the easy way out in love, however, to persevere and love till he says OK , you can let go.

I wrote this poem as a dedication to God for his love toward us all. Because he loved me enough to give me what I needed, which was forgiveness of sin, love , joy and peace, I live a life of hope. Nothing gets me down for too long, when trouble comes I remember his love. When sickness comes I remember, by his stripes I am healed. When someone crosses my path that is unlovable, I remember he loved me in my unlovable state. So I dedicate this poem to all of you looking for a true love. Why not begin your search with the greatest Love of them all, JESUS!

I hope this poem blesses the heart of someone looking for love, peace and joy. It is out there, reach up and grab it and you will not be rejected, for he died for us all, loves us all and forgives us all.


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    • Honorablewoman profile image

      Honorablewoman 3 years ago from Georgia

      Harishprasad Thank You for taking the time to comment. May the Lord of my Life Bless you and Keep you from all Harm and Danger.

    • Harishprasad profile image

      Harish Mamgain 3 years ago from New Delhi , India

      Though love is very hard to define but Jesus's way throws so much light upon it that one can have a glimpse of it if one is sincere. Though I do come from a different faith i.e. Hinduism , I admire Christ for all he lived and died for. You have delved into this beautiful phenomenon of love through such an exalted soul as Christ that it became somewhat easy for you to speak about love. Excellent poem, Honorablewoman, Voted up.

    • lyns profile image

      lyns 4 years ago from USA

      Enjoyed reading this hub it's so true, thanks for sharing. 1/29/2014 lyns

    • Dr.Ope profile image

      Olive Ellis 6 years ago

      Your message is so true. If it is easy, then it is not love. Inspirational, continue to share with the world!

    • profile image

      Sueswan 6 years ago

      A beautiful message.

      I don't know if we are capable of unconditional love but God is.

    • profile image

      Eddie-Perkins 6 years ago

      Beautiful poem and wonderful message, If it is Easy, Then it isn't Love. I agree with you; the greatest acts of love come with sacrifice and dedication and a spirit of determination. John 3:16 makes it clear; God so loved… that He gave… Thank you for writing and being my friend and sister in the Lord. Vote up, useful and beautiful. ~ eddie

    • profile image

      kendra1973 6 years ago

      great inspiration

    • Honorablewoman profile image

      Honorablewoman 6 years ago from Georgia

      Thanks, Hubpages has been a great outlet for all of us to share what moves us in life and for me the Love of Christ moves me in so many ways, to do better, live better and love better. Appreciate the support Samuel and icountthetimes!

    • profile image

      icountthetimes 6 years ago

      Powerful words. I can tell that this poem comes from the heart. It's great to read your write up after the poem too, to get a real insight into your motivation for writing it and what your faith means to you.

    • Samuel Songungou profile image

      Samuel Songungou 6 years ago from Bangalore, India

      I Love every word of your poem...and i love christ. As a newcomr, im followin you..hope you help me too..