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Imagine That

Updated on August 16, 2012

The greatest gift we humans have is also our greatest weakness.

It’s the ability to create what does not exist,

Do what cannot be done,

Live the lives we dream.

We control everything.

All consequences.

All outcomes.

With it we are warriors,

We are kings,

We are gods.

Whatever we wish.

It encompasses all of our needs,

Going even beyond death.

Limitations become a bad memory.

The impossible a joke.


It is only a glimpse of what we could be,

What we are not,

What we will never be.

A cruel escape from which we must always return.

It’s unrealistic,



Our Hopes,

Our Dreams,

Our aspirations,

All molded within it.

The same place where we create the impossible.

Yet it's the drive behind all things.

Addicting yet unpredictable.

It's Imagination.


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    • DistractedDriver profile image

      Erik Kollasch 4 years ago from Minnesota

      Hey Scott, it's Erik.