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Poem: Of a Man

Updated on July 17, 2011

To Him

The soothing sound of his voice

Warms the room.

His eyes speak only of truth,

Yet, hold a bit of mystery.

Who is he?

Compassion and beauty are

In his nature.

His spirit inspires the mind

And soul.

At times I find myself

Shy and timid.

So silly am I,

To think him to look my way

So tall he stands.

To him I look

and see,

All of the great things,

he will accomplish.

By Michelle Nicole Vos

A Man's Beauty

Such beauty,

of a man's gentle heart,

moves mountains.

There is nothing like it.

Strong, Brave,



In his heart,


a kindness.

By Michelle Nicole Vos


The son has graced his glory.

Upon a boy so young,

Following in his fathers footsteps,

He will grow up big and strong.

By Michelle Nicole Vos


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