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Poem: In my heart

Updated on June 9, 2015

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

In my heart there is a whole

an emptiness inside my soul

inside I hurt but others don't know

my feelings I hide don't let them show

Just a while back my family I lost

my love was rejected out I was tossed

alone and hurt now what will I do

pain that I feel he hasn't a clue

my kids I love the hurt I can't explain

never before have I felt so much pain

when the day comes and my life's straight

I hope that it wont be too late

they just don't see what I'm going through

it is so hard I wish that they knew

in their mind they think I don't care

this hurts so much it isn't fair

when my life gets better then they'll see

I'll make sure my kids are here with me

my kids are my life I hope they know this

this time it's not him it's my kids I miss

one day life will change a while it may take

I mean what I say my heart is not fake

I hope when this happens everyone is around

and then they will see the true friend they have found

copyright 2012

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Would you like to read more poetry by Rachelle in the future?

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