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Poem: I've Met Her

Updated on July 12, 2011

I've Met Her!

As the sun goes down,

The sky shines of gold.

The birds flock by,

As the sea breeze gets cold.

I hear in the distance,

A young man's voice.

He sings out a song,

I hear him rejoice.

Good news then he brings,

As he dances about.

He hands me a flower,

As his song comes out.

"I've met her, I've met her!!!

The girl of my dreams!

My Heart is still with her,

or so it still seams"

He ---dashes away,

never saying her name.

What a wondrous feeling,

Hope her heart is the same.

So wondrous and fair,

This manner of love.

To those a great pleasure,

A gift from above.

By Michelle N. Vos

January 30, 2011


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