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Poem: Last Rites

Updated on January 14, 2012

Four walls of solitude

I last out my days

As a means to an end

Unworthy of praise

When I was a child, nobody came

To save me from evil, to save me from pain

Now I am older, it’s all just the same

No one is coming, as I go insane

Lowest of low

Scum of the earth

I scream in my sleep

Bleeding self worth

Anguish, humility, morbid despair,

Condemnation and heartache

Surrounded by fear

The most ultimate rapture

Irreversible act

The very last option

To my heart’s attack

The wind will still blow without me

And the sun will still shine

Still there’ll be laughter, and still there’ll be wine

Poets will write, there will be a new song

All these things will still happen

Long after I’m gone


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