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Poem: Long Lost Friend

Updated on July 5, 2017

Do not know I can recall perfectly
that tender face of yours.
But I remember the waves you made
by tiny pebbles in the backyard pond,
Falling tender mangoes,
by the never missing slingshot.
Cries of frogs and dance of fish
Smell of mud and smile of
scarecrow, the silent witness.
My heart aches to the fact
that you are no longer with me,
my long lost friend....

As I walk the field full of wheat,
waiting for the sickle,
the cool breeze kissed my forhead
and pampered my hair.
A pleasant feeling brightened the senses
petrichor,the earthy odour,
by the long awaited rain.
Memories rolling back to those
sweet and sour days, when
you were with me.


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