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Poem: Looking Up / Sunrise

Updated on July 27, 2017

Looking up / Sunrise

6:45 sunrise

6:55 board the bus

There's no time to make a fuss.

Some days, I stand at the bus stop

making sure that every hair is in place.

Some days, it is a race.

I'm running late for the bus

and I have to give it chase.

There is one thing though.

If I don't take the time to

look at it, it would be a waste.

That is the sunrise.

Looking at the beautiful sunrise

reminds me that I am alive

and I have to press on

and hustle

and move.

The beauty

of that sunrise

has got me in the groove.

The phrase "keep your head up"

is in my head.

I no longer have

the drowsy feeling

from when I got out of bed.

Money is tight

these days.

Extensive travel

I can not afford.

But when I want

some beautiful sights to see

among the things that make me happy,

I just keep looking up.

Copyright - Journey *



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    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 3 months ago from Houston, Texas

      Sunrises and sunsets are there for all of us rich or poor. Nice!