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Poem: Lunar Destiny

Updated on March 13, 2009

Lunar Destiny was written while gazing at a cloud covered moon late one spring evening.

Lunar Destiny

Up high I chase the sun into the sea
Wading through echoes of starlight
I am the shadow cradling the dawn
Kissed by memories of silent beginnings
A vision of nurturing solar winds
Warm frigid poles with radiant harmony

A victim of solar expansion I steer the course
Birthed from the instant
Formed by the thought
I ride rhythmic waves along the comet’s tail
Protector of night,
Surrounded by an army of fallen stars
I reflect the Sun’s wisdom upon the innocent
The frail

Though freed to shine unrestricted
I remain captured by pre-destiny
A path pre-laid
My will,
Your wish
My journey

A grain sifted through cosmic sands
Respect I’ve earned through dependency
A call to arms summons me still
Across the sky toward the horizon
In tomorrow’s hands I am carried
to start anew


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