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Poem: My minds never blank.....

Updated on June 9, 2015

Rachelle's Poems:

My minds never blank, I think too much

The way that I worry I feel out of touch

I need to relax, these things I can't change

The way things happen sometimes are so strange

God has a plan for each one of us

Try to live right and try not to fuss

When good things happen, it's God you should thank

It's easy to ask and now you go blank?

Always remember you reap what you sew

Try to live right, Gods watching you know

You shouldn't judge others it is not your place

We'll all meet our maker and come face to face

No one is perfect we all sometimes sin

But don't do bad things again and again

Do good for others while your on earth

Things that don't cost can have so much worth

Treat people better than they treat you

That's the right thing, that's what you should do

Try to do good while you are here

God is the one thing you should fear

copyright 2012

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Would you like to read more poems by Rachelle in the future?

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