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Poem: Not so love poems part two

Updated on December 5, 2010



I’d rather sleep then not feel the pain

the suffering of knowing I could have done better

I must have wanted to be left behind

from a love that treated me so poorly.


He said he loved me

I wanted to believe it so did he.

Our kisses were passionate - no one came near

as we grew apart.


Lost love so painful I forgot to swallow

feeling so left out - so ugly I became

I never even recognized myself. One day

she appeared with a smile

only briefly though so watch closely!


Lust is lost and holding on

for the wrong thing is our new fix

when do I get off this ride and find me.


He left me in the dark with no candles

the lights were never bright for me

I just never knew until now.


My heart was trash and thrashed on the grown,

hate grew strong in my mind and took over.

Lost a love, myself, and a friend I never did like.


Sleep would be nice one of these days

not to dream the haunting betrayal of love

who could adore again after a stab to the heart

once again slumber will be a friend to release the pain


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