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Marriage Poems, Quotes and Gifts for Weddings and Anniversaries

Updated on February 6, 2015
#76 A Poem Valentine Day Gift Present For A Husband Wife Boyfriend Girlfriend
#76 A Poem Valentine Day Gift Present For A Husband Wife Boyfriend Girlfriend

Wedding anniversary gift with Anniversary Love Poem. Anniversary poem, love poem.


Marriage: A Life-Changing Event

This article contains information on marriage poems, marriage quotes, wedding anniversary verses and wedding anniversary quotes. They say the three biggest moments in a person's life are birth, marriage and death. Out of these three events one marks the beginning of life (birth), the other marks a major change in life (marriage) and the last marks the end of life (death). We mark birth and marriage with celebratory events and we grieve at the end of life. This article is about the celebration of marriage that all important life-changing event. It also has a marriage poem that deals with cold feet before your wedding day. I am curious to know what percentage of people reading this hub faced doubts over getting married so please take a moment to answer the poll at the end of this hub. Thank-you, and I hope that the information in this article will be useful to those of you celebrating weddings and wedding anniversaries.

A Wedding Poem, #113, Double-matted in Burgundy Over Dark Green and Enhanced with Watercolor Graphcs.
A Wedding Poem, #113, Double-matted in Burgundy Over Dark Green and Enhanced with Watercolor Graphcs.

A Wedding Wish: Marriage poem by Genie's Poetry. Wedding gift, bridal shower gift, first wedding anniversary gift. Marriage poem, wedding poem.


Marriage and Wedding Poem by Genie's Poetry

A Wedding Wish

As a new life dawns, standing side by side,
May your hearts become one and may love abide.
May the dreams that you're dreaming all come true,
And may everything wonderful happen to you.
May you come to know that in love it's wise,
To give of yourself and to compromise,
To learn how to listen and how to forgive,
And to treasure each other as long as you live,
May you be as happy as you can be,
In a home that's filled with tranquility,
But when storms arise and they cause distress,
May you counter the turmoil with tenderness.
As you share in the laughter and the tears,
May you freely express your hopes and your fears,
May you grow old together side by side,
And forever and always may true love abide.

Wedding / Marriage Poem: A Wedding Wish by Genie's Poetry
Available at

Wedding Poem and Wedding Invitation Verse: Two Hearts and Two Souls

Wedding and Anniversary Verses
By Injete Chesoni

Today two souls
Will become one
Joined together
By the bonds of love
With God’s blessings
Shining down from above
Two hearts
Will join together as one

A Marriage and Life Change Poem by Injete Chesoni: On the Eve of Change

I sit here knowing, I am a step away
from changing my life forever.
I ask myself am I ready,
to leave all I have known behind,
and forge into the future.
I ask am I ready,
to throw all caution to the wind,
and entwine my life so closely with that of another.
I begin to hesitate
and on the eve of change,
I want to hold time still for a moment.
I cannot go back, but I am so afraid to go forward.
Yet, I know that time will not wait for me.
And on the eve of change I realize that
I must move forward with time,
or time will leave me behind.

On the Eve of Change: A Marriage and Life Change Poem by Maureen Injete Chesoni
Bride Illustration by Injete Chesoni

Marriage Cold Feet Poll

Did you have doubts before your wedding day?

See results
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    • Moyra profile image

      Moyra 7 years ago

      Hi Rossimobis thanks for the comment. Your wife is lucky to have a poet for a husband. There is a famous line from a Robert Browning poem (Rabbi Ben Ezra), "Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be." It is not a love poem but that line is often quoted romantically.

    • Rossimobis profile image

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 7 years ago from Biafra

      This is full of inspirations..."May you grow old together side by side".I have always told my wife dis,"Grow old with me my love"

      Nice hub....hope 2 read more like dis from u.

    • Moyra profile image

      Moyra 8 years ago

      Thanks Madge glad you enjoyed it. Yup sometimes decisions have to be made even in the midst of uncertainity. If we are lucky we can reverse wrong decisions but in other cases a decision can't be changed once it's made.

    • profile image

      madge 8 years ago

      true, sometimes you don't know if you are making aright decision and at the same time you have to on..................great poem! Moyra.

    • Moyra profile image

      Moyra 8 years ago

      Thanks treading concrete it was written from an honest place.

    • treading concrete profile image

      treading concrete 8 years ago from Jungle of steel.

      Gorgeous poem. So honest.

    • Moyra profile image

      Moyra 8 years ago

      Hi nms, thanks.

    • nms profile image

      nms 8 years ago from Cochin


      Marriage Poem