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Acrostic Poem: I have

Updated on February 29, 2020

This is an acrostic poem written in dedication to a lover, from a lost and found girl.

Do you like the hidden message?


I hold my head up high, though my back is bowed,

Hearing you call my name, speak sweet words

A rush of heat touches up my spine, sensation causes cessation of my thoughts

Voracious hunger, all your fault, grips me

Ecstasy waits to lull me to sleep, yet thrills my mind

Longing to be held, I reach for you

Only when I do, do you come near

Vast spans of distance are crossed in a breath

Eons of searching ended, yet the miles of decades wait in front of us

Doomed to grow old as the days pass into night, but yet in your arms...

Yawning, and stretching, the new day crests

Out into the world I go, with your devotion in mind.

Undulations under the day's furtively reaching rays, eyes misty

Sweet rapture, to return home to you, always to you

I never imagined this would be, we would - we

Newfound lovers, though longtime friends, three years flown by

Charlotte, you say, with eager breath, I love you!

Every moment I am awake, each night when I sleep, I live for this,

I hold my head up high, though my back is bowed,

Measuring time by your kisses

Extending my life through your smiles

Traipsing through emotional rainbows painted in laughter

Yes, I miss you when you are gone, when you are quiet, and when you rest

Of course, I jump for the chance to be alone, a part of your world, center of it

Understand, of course, that if not for our time apart, we'd fall apart.

I hold my head up high, though my back is bowed

Where our path has lead thus far, astounding.

A lesson learned each and every day. For you to me, and me to you

No stone is left unturned in the exploration of your love

There is nothing higher, no loftier place, than the pedestal on which you've set me.

This friendship won't last, you will find someone new

Or is that the wounded skeptic in me, the bleeding heart too many times broken?

Klepto kisses and razorblade memories, too many rock stars and not enough booze

Islands in dreams - I'll take you there someday

Songs of passion sung far too off-key, yet you smile and say that they're good

Sounds of youthful love between a girl and a boy reverberate from the walls of our kitchen

Years of love, I cannot count them properly, denied you as long as I could.

Our meeting was intriguing, our lives locked to one another even then

Under other circumstances, I suppose we could never have met

I could have never refused you, but I did. It haunts me,

Not to shake what we have grown now, our trowels muddy

Such sweet memories we'll harvest in rocking chairs before we die.

Is there more, circular words jumbled and crossed, to say so you know?

Do I ramble, do I quit? I know already, as you're so far away..

Even on a chilly, raining night the warmth you offer coerces me to calm reverie.


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