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Poem- Restless

Updated on July 9, 2014

Written July 2013

For some strange reason the first line of this poem woke me up 3 times. Something that tore me from slumber no matter how deep. It was like it was screaming to be come out. So I got up and wrote. This poem is merely what poured on the page when I started writing. Sometimes I wish poetry for me was more of a talent but instead it's more like something that I need to do every now and then to calm my heart. I think this poem is some sort of poetic summary of what I was going through at the time but I can't say for sure.... Anyways, just tell me what you think.

My heart is a thunderstorm, plus or minus flame and doubt. Some days just chaos whirled all about. I can feel it haunt me, screaming in rage. Wanting to express itself, like a mindless mage. My mind tries to tell her what to feel and who to choose. A battle in which, it will eventually lose. Learned that the hard way, though I still try. When We don't agree, everything's awry. But hopefully soon, we'll come to a truce. Romantic bonds and chains will come loose. But till then I'll fight. With all of my might. To give words to sight beyond what I write. Let her mindless rage be burned on the page. Let each day conquered give birth to a Sage. I'm not much of a rhymer. Still an old timer. who still believes in poetry- idolatry. Still believes that words have meaning. Before communication tore down and people started "feening." Our language is broken. English is no longer spoken. What's left is a shell that's obviously faking. While society and illiteracy are cup-caking. Well if that's our world, I'll have no part of it. I'll take the flow of letters and become a go getter. I'll take my pen and some script and break out of "their" crypt. I'll become a "monster" of unique and ignore this cultures critique. I'll be my own person; own me. I'll conquer my dreams you'll see. I'm far from perfect, but I've come a long way. All I know is, the present is not where I want to stay. Let me take up a new challenge; Today it begins. Time flies as the earth spins. Each day, every goal, Makes me better as a whole. Never standing still and always evolving. Making every moment count while the world is revolving. Not much more to say. Not much more to do. Except take a step past all of you. If you're not helping out, you're pulling me down. No one's going to take this smile and turn it into a frown. My heart is a thunderstorm, plus or minus flame and doubt. But I'll always have this smile to carry me out.

© 2014 Johnathan David


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