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Poem : Should I Be Impressed?

Updated on July 4, 2017

Should I Be Impressed?

Finally turning over a new leaf

after decades of being so self absorbed.

Should I be impressed?

Finally starting to shine brightly

after spending so many years

as a mess.

Should I be impressed?

All you used to do was whine

and complain

and now you finally

realized that

you should not do that.

Should I be impressed?

Sunshine comes after rain.

That line has been said before.

It has been said

so many times

because the relevance

is astounding.

We all have to endure pain.

We do not need to keep score.

You did not have to tolerate

more than I did.

I did not have to tolerate

more than you.

Somehow, we will both

emerge anew

and we will both shine.

Your shine will not necessarily

be brighter than mine.

Copyrighted- Journey *


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