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Poem: Silent Rain

Updated on January 15, 2012

(This was one of the very first, serious poems I had written. I had every inspiration needed within me at the time to write it.)

Silent Rain

Have you ever cried in vain?

Your tears fell like a silent rain

The cold embrace of loneliness

Grasping like an angry fist

Wandering from here to there

Not belonging anywhere

Eyes that spawned a million tears

And sees a world which never cares

A face that never gave a smile

Because it never felt worthwhile

The cuts were deep

You felt the pain

Drops of blood

Like silent rain

Tried so hard to comprehend

Why your scares would never mend

A wasted life drifts down the drain


No one hears the silent rain


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    • Michael Beskalis profile image

      Michael Beskalis 4 years ago from San Francisco

      tears sometimes fall violently scarring our cheeks, but for some reason no one sees them or hears them. Why is that? its as if we dont want them to be heard...

      voted up.