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Poem: Silver Shadows

Updated on March 12, 2009

Silver Shadows
(In memory of Reggie L. Washington Sr.)

Drifting across fallen shadows I sail
Onward, arms stretched reaching over a tilted bow searching
Searching for answers as fingertips sift thru raining moonlight
Frustrated by fragmentation
Captured by lamentation
This path of pain
The wake of disbelief along a wavering checkered trail
Time’s grain slips further thru the hourglass
Falling thru darkness
Falling faster away from asphyxiating fear
I hear clarity thru echoes of the unsaid
A whisper
A voice encouraging the next step
Pushing both hands forth on the self, my life, to grab my destiny, the
Yet as these memories slip further
Slip slowly thru fingers clutched tight
Embracing treasured images held dear
Deep within I feel the vibration as the clock’s tick struck early
A moment feared now past gone way too soon,
I rest within moments of laughter as I’m warm
Warmed in knowing your safe and watching
Whispering life thru sacred shadows
Your home
Our home
The place of peace without judgment among the stars
The place of peace behind the silvery moon



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