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Poem: Stories

Updated on March 2, 2012

Her stories surround her,

Follow her.

They dance around her in tiny circles,

Like faerie dust.

The ones in front are waiting to happen.

The forgotten stories are passed by.

They float after her,

Trying to keep up.

Then they’re too far behind.


And the stories disappear.

When a story is told,

It grows bigger.

The more people it reaches,

The larger it gets.

But each time the receivers forget,

It shrinks a little.

And every story interrupted

With something more important

Loses part of its glow

Until it gets so pale

Only she can see it.

Then it fades completely,

Until it seems

It never happened.

Some stories are so near to her heart,

She doesn’t want to share them

And risk losing the sparkle.

There are many missing stories

And the remaining ones are hard to see

Because they don’t shine.

They are too tiny to tell,

But when she squints,

She can still see them dance.

The aide pushes the wheelchair

Which holds the stories.

When she reaches the room,

She helps the old woman into her bed.

The old woman asks

If the aide had met her grandson,

And knew how he was born.

The aide smiled politely

And closed the door.

Another story faded

And shrunk.

The old woman looked at the few stories left.

She closed her eyes when she realized

There was nothing in front.

I wrote this in high school while working at an assisted living home. I think everyone should realize the experience that elderly people have and the wisdom that you can gain by talking to them. Working at a nursing home opened my eyes to how lonely many older people are. Some of them just want someone to talk to and share their stories with. You'll be helping them, and the knowledge that you will gain is fascinating. If we don't learn from history, the bad things will repeat themselves.


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    • carolinekirby profile image

      carolinekirby 5 years ago from Indianapolis, IN

      Thank you very much!

    • profile image

      The Writers Dog 5 years ago

      A very moving poem. Thank you for sharing it as well as your own expeerience. Voted up.