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Poem: The Am

Updated on March 16, 2009

This poem is an inspirational self reflection of one's innate vibration. A celebration of the Spirit, the Soul, the gift of God within.

The Am

Who am I?
The question before time
The breath before the breeze
The electromagnetic attraction creating the grain,
Yes, I am
I remain
Strong as the hand pushing the universe around the flame.

A singularity
The lens converging light into the conscious thought
I ride each crest spiraling from the beginning as the come
I AM the universal falling rock,
Moving onward
Seeing all the unseen
Hearing the unheard
My existence is clear as into the next I sail
Forward in time as the tick before tock.

Stealthily slipping through darkness
Towards illumination
Breathing silence in unimaginable bliss,
I am the last push from exhale to first breath
The calm the quiet overtaking the storm
The feathery brush painting ecstasy over skin of a beloved’s chest
The vacuum after a slow passionate kiss.

Journeying through time
This time
In time
I exist solely as the thinker and the thought
The ache from exhaustive laughter,
As the sweet voice of gardenias awakening the soul
I realize inside I am the quiver before
The volcanic eruption of life celebrated, adored
The intimate embrace and the trembling after.

Here now alas
Through eyes wide I sift sands to form gleaming pyramids up high
As with breath
The tide
Washing memories past ashore
I feel at one
In harmony with the natural rhythm of joy and elation,
Feeling last silent pause before sun split mountain tops
I accept I as the energy within
The voice
The rhythm
The pulse of an unending melody
That which creates the tear
All that IS
All that exists in musical vibration.

Thus as onward I flow
As onward I grow
I relax with every advancing achievement of the can,
Herein this moment I say in response I’ve found the answer
I am the answer
The voice inside I
The beginning
The Am


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