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Poem - The Blues

Updated on November 19, 2010

The Blues

Each note a life
Together a story
Apart a moment
Sufferings glory
Self absorbed
Unable to blend
Yet in common
Pain with no end
There is no brush
Only the point
Sorrows life
Dignity to anoint
Unmistakable feeling
Hidden no longer
Shared reality
Making us stronger
Eyes closed
Memories near
Our desperation
Emotional fear
Anothers world
Becomes our own
And ours his
Tears on loan...


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    • The Suburban Poet profile image

      Mark Lecuona 7 years ago from Austin, Texas

      Thank you Kavita... the piece is based upon pure empathy for the guitar man's plight. He entertains us yet in reality he is crying in front of us. Life as entertainment.... seems a bit odd (I guess that is where reality tv comes in); to me it's more the common bond of suffering and we gain comfort at times with the idea of "tears on loan" because we understand that even the great one's suffer as we do....

    • Kavita Trivedi profile image

      Kavita Trivedi-Kapoor 7 years ago from London

      your poetry beautifully expresses such raw emotion - like how this piece flows from each stanza

    • The Suburban Poet profile image

      Mark Lecuona 7 years ago from Austin, Texas

      I'm a simple man... you have to go with what you know and I have no training so the pen just follows my mind.

      Ringo Starr sang "Got to pay your dues if you wannt sing the blues and you know it don't come easy." Now, he's not a blues player at all but great suffering seems to summon great dignity and purpose. Layla was written in the throes of love and heroin addiction. It seems happiness stifles greatness....

    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 7 years ago

      ...much like my style - simple and to the point - and I often write on the subject and theme of the blues - and if you had my love life (or the lack thereof) you would have the blues too - lol lol the way I was listening in my car last night on the way into work one of Texas' greatest songwriters - Townes Van Zandt - and I love Billy Joe Shaver too.

      So nice to hook up with you - and I will be exploring some more of your writing ....

    • The Suburban Poet profile image

      Mark Lecuona 7 years ago from Austin, Texas

      Thanks Never and Ahorseback... I truly appreciate you taking the time to comment.

      I think brevity is a huge challenge... I didn't necessarily set out to do that with this one but something just led me there and this is the result. Maybe it was the sparseness of the old black blues players. No histrionics; no scales; just straight forward sounds that are not designed for attention but instead serve to emote the feelings inside the man....

    • ahorseback profile image

      ahorseback 7 years ago

      I like your style of writing, Plain and to the point. sometimes we overcomplicate writing , I know I do.

    • Neverletitgo profile image

      Abdinasir Aden 7 years ago from Minneapolis, MN


    • The Suburban Poet profile image

      Mark Lecuona 7 years ago from Austin, Texas

      Thank you Micky!

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      Very nice! Great writing! Beautiful poetry!

    • The Suburban Poet profile image

      Mark Lecuona 7 years ago from Austin, Texas

      Thanks aware... I was watching BB King one night and thought about how a blues guitarist plays in staccato fashion... each note on it's own... quick and to the point....

    • aware profile image

      aware 7 years ago from West Palm Beach Florida.

      nice . i dig the layout.



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