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Poem: The Childhood Journey

Updated on November 1, 2011

Introduction to The Childhood Journey

Before reading this poem take yourself back to when you were a child. Revisit old memories and relive old feelings. Think back to what it was like to walk through this world with little knowledge about it but the desire to absorb everything that was offered to you.

Think about what you know now that you didn't know then. The mistakes you've made, and learned from. The tears and smiles you've experienced. Everything you've learned then has made you who you are today.


Childhood teddybear
Childhood teddybear | Source

The Childhood Journey

How does the world look through a newborns eyes?

Full of innocence, hope and imagination.

Overflowing with questions, full of why’s.

Looking for answers and confirmation.

So much to see, and so much to learn.

Walking through life with their parent’s assistance.

What’s going on around them is not their concern.

Following the path of least resistance.

Making mistakes and taking chances.

Not looking back, only going ahead.

In leaps and bounds, making advances.

Through uncharted waters, they will tread.

One day sure enough, they will break free.

Whether or not their parents agree.

About "The Childhood Journey"

The poem "The Childhood Journey" is exactly that. It is about the journey we take throughout childhood.

It all starts on the day we are born. Our parents are excited as they have been waiting months and months for our arrival. We, the newborns, enter the world confused. Everything we see, hear, smell, touch are all new sensations to us. What does this new world look like to a newborn baby one may ask.

As we grow from infant-hood the world becomes more familiar to us. Although, we still have plenty to learn. At this time we look to our parent for guidance, approval, and support. At this point in our lives our parents are wise and can do no wrong.

As we near the end of childhood our independence grows and we seem to need our parents less and less. At this point we begin to make new discoveries about the world and about ourselves. We begin to learn from our mistakes and grow as individuals.

I wrote this poem to give others a friendly reminder about how far we all have come in life. As I was sitting on my couch watching my son play excitedly waiting to go play outside. I was reminded just how much he relies on me not only for his physical needs such as food, clothing, shelter and water. But he needs my knowledge and guidance. It's up to me to point him in the right direction. At this point I make the decisions for him and he learns from my actions. It is my job to help him grow into a well rounded young man.

You don't realize how fast time flies until you have a little one. It is then your realize that you have a lot to do in a very short period of time. Whether you are ready or not the time will come when you have to set your little one free. With the right tools and great parents he/she will do just fine. And as a parent you have  to come to realize that it is now time to let your little one make their own path.


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    • profile image

      Jessalyn 2 years ago

      Great post with lots of imtproant stuff.

    • rjsadowski profile image

      rjsadowski 6 years ago

      You have an interesting style of writing. I normally don't try to explain my poetry, maybe I should.