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Poem - The Day She Traveled Back

Updated on December 23, 2015

Loneliness unfurled through her soul,

like a sail taking its voyage towards her,

pleading to be embraced.

It was that day of torment

when every rhythm

in the river of her life

seemed so deranged.

The elements of yesterday

kept haunting her spirit.

It was a chasing operation.

Yes, it was.

Only a minute to be counted

before the strings

that bind her mentality

would snap.

And so, she needed to initiate,

initiate for her own sake.

She needed to go back,

Travel a decade earlier

and relive the rainbows of the past.

A time machine would do,

Would certainly help

fill the empty spaces

inside her rocky bosom.

In a dull enclosed storage,

She searched for this fragile

little time-turner.

After seconds of overflowing hope,

She found it, at last!

“It’s time,” she whispered.


she closed her eyes.

A hurricane-like thing

absorbed her in a swirl.

Her hands clasped each other

for comfort,

for she was there, again.

The charming scent of her childhood

sauntered her lungs,

an extremely nice feeling.

How happy could she get

to be there once more?

Friends, waving at her,

innocent as ever.

Sweet laughter filled the place

as she hugged them, one by one.

Her fingers couldn’t count

the number of years

since she last witnessed

their fun-filled eyes.

It was like they were just kept

in the childhood chapter

of her memory.

Chill air roamed around the place

and she realized that

she was there - in her favorite paradise.

Yes, it was that paradise.

Beneath the big tree

in front of where she worshiped God,

they sat there silently.

She ogled at her friends’ faces

and swore to herself

that she would not ever forget them,

for they are a part

of the river within her.


she needed to return

to the present,

gently closing her eyes,

didn't say farewell words anymore,

for the hurt would just pierce

so deep.

The hurricane

absorbed her once again

and returned her

to the same spot

where she belonged.

Droplets of tears made its way,

strolled down on her face.

she couldn’t do anything,

and realized one thing.

The only thing she could do

was to preserve

the red little photo album

filled with memoirs.

She needed to preserve

her time-turner,

the only thing

which could bring her back

to where she was once.

And so,

she closed her beloved little album

and kept it

in a nice keepsake box.


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