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The Mask of Serenity

Updated on July 1, 2017
WinterJay profile image

An English language teacher with a MEd from the University of Ottawa who loves the combination of coffee, biscuits and poetry.

Hold me down...
Strip me off of my identity.
Take away the frown
Of the Mask of my serenity.
Break the evident illusion,
The fantasy, the ghost of affection
And shatter all that is left of emotion;
And let the realm of reality
Captivate my soul and mind.
For all these hymns and rhymes,
In the end, mean nothing but crimes
Committed against the world
To make you forget when you once curled
Up with the one you've considered
To be 'The One' with whom you'll sail
The boat of life, the boat of a disfigured

Erase my consciousness of the moments when
We held hands, and every now and then,
Took pictures of London Bridge and Big Ben...
When everything felt too perfect then,
It was interrupted when the clock struck ten...

Everything that has led to this moment
Were two words that I threw
On that day, blinded by enjoyment..
Now I wish I had never said, "I Do"


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