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Poem - The Spell

Updated on January 2, 2016
Source of Photo:
Source of Photo:

The Spell

A bird, lost in thoughts,

staring at the rainbow

beyond the cage,

is too forlorn

to let its spirit taste

the beauty of adventures

buried in the wilderness.

Lost in thoughts indeed,

unshaken by the seed

which so long grows

when watered by fear’s greed.

Its thoughts, submerged

in the ocean of deceits,

is planted in the depths of

extreme exhaustion

of hope.

Little does it know,

the key is inside the cage,

the bird’s just in a laze.


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    • Sunkesner profile image

      Sunkesner 23 months ago from Philippines

      Thanks. The bird is a symbolism for people who aren't capable of doing what they desire because of the reasoning "I'm trapped with life's difficulties".

    • vasantha  T k profile image

      vasantha T k 23 months ago from Bangalore

      Beautifully crafted words! nice poem! I feel sorry for the bird, it looks so sad! Wish I could hold the bird in my hand!