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Poem is about, The most evil woman.

Updated on September 5, 2013

The most evil woman.

The most evil woman on this earth

Is those that steals their own

children’s children then

corrupt them for hell.

Throwing them away when needed

The most demanding to be called Mommy

When she knows she’s not.

She manipulates her husband

Her family into total submission

Ruling them with an iron fist

Scheming and manipulating

Her evil plots onto her own flesh and blood

This is called witchcraft.

Keeping them from an education

Reaching their full potential

Just to fire her own evil plot

Destruction shall befall her

Failing her own children

Who are lost in the claws of hell?

Choked by Heroine to ease the pain

Her handiwork

Like a sponge she adsorbs all the energy around her

Sucking them dry, nothing left but death.

Does she know the depths of pain that she generates?

Forgetting her own destruction

Those that escaped her clutches are cursed and hunted

To be destroyed ….. But they are only safe in God.

Evil woman from the Bible!


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