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Poem The Tooth Fairy

Updated on September 4, 2013

The Tooth Fairy

When our children were at the stage of losing teeth we told them about the tooth fairy and how she would leave a coin in exchange for a tooth. We always remembered with our daughter to exchange the tooth for a coin. However by the time our son was losing his teeth our lives were very busy and one time we forgot to exchange the tooth. When he awoke he was upset so I said that the fairies had been busy and mustn't have had time. I suggested that he put his tooth in the garden under the fir tree because we had a pottery fly agaric toadstool under the tree. I explained that fairies use toadstools for shelter so if he wanted them to have his tooth he would have to put his tooth under the toadstool. He accepted my explanation and put his tooth out, and we remembered at night to get the tooth and leave him some money. I also wrote tiny letters from the fairies in minute handwriting and recently our son, now in his thirties, brought one of the letters show us. He loved the tooth fairy story and now with his own children losing their baby teeth he is living the tooth fairy story all over again.

I wrote this poem about the tooth fairy over twenty years ago.

The Tooth Fairy

When all is quiet and very still,

she creeps upon your windowsill.

She comes to every boy and girl

and searches for a precious pearl.

She checks that you are fast asleep,

then, under your rug or pillow she’ll peep.

And if by chance a tooth is there,

this tiny creature so lovely and fair,

will hang your tooth upon her gown

and take a coin from her golden crown.

She’ll place it where she found the tooth,

then, out through the window and onto the roof

it is time to go, she cannot stay.

She flies into the night and far away.


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    • caitmo1 profile image

      caitmo1 6 years ago from Lancashire England

      Thank you for reading my poem. My grandchildren love fairy stories and really like this poem.

    • jfay2011 profile image

      jfay2011 6 years ago

      Sweet poem. I love how she takes the coin from her crown. Inflation nowadays. 2 bucks.