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Poetry: "Tis the Season"

Updated on January 13, 2015

Poem assignment - from a 5th grader's perspective

"Tis the Season"

From mid-September to late November

A certain season takes control

One of splendor, color, hue

It's beauty warms the soul

I must confess it holds me rapt

Within its wondrous spell

And every time I ponder this

The world I want to tell!

"What is it that you love so much?"

I almost hear you say,

"It's nothing but a bunch of leaves

to pick up day by day!"

I'd have to state to answer that

There's much more to this time of year

Than leaves to gather and collect

The list I'll queue here:

I love the feeling that you get

When wind blows through your curls

When God feels close and personal

His gentleness unfurls

Pumpkin pie and turkey too

Of just the thought I savor

Thanksgiving dinner on the menu

To Autumn adds some flavor

And another explanation

For why I think Fall's fine

It hosts a celebration

Someone's birthday - mine!

It signals also the end of summer

And trades that for a breeze

And on top of all of those excuses

I simply love the tint of trees!

The Beauties of Autumn


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    • profile image

      Jono 7 years ago

      Sharp sharp. It's very clever for an 11 year old. Nicely done.

    • gfarmer profile image

      gfarmer 7 years ago from Canada

      Thank you tnderhrt23 and Effie! :)

    • profile image

      Effie 7 years ago

      Soooooo cute! I can't believe you wrote this as a little kid. I like it :D

    • tnderhrt23 profile image

      tnderhrt23 7 years ago

      I agree! Very cute and heart-felt! Oh yes, and Happy Birthday!