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Poem - To Break the Concrete Barriers

Updated on December 23, 2015

That gentle smile of yours

can really be contagious,

a delivery man in action,

fetching each star

from the distant constellations

to sprinkle a thousand bits of sparkle

throughout the night of your family.

Though muscles don’t pop out

from your arms or legs,

and indeed a skinny man you are,

still, you are the ‘superman’ of your loved ones.

A glittering medal or trophy is not enough

to bestow praise upon you

for the road full of thorns you had

just to hold close your wife and little ducklings.

You, a one great soldier of the bloody battlefield,

should be drowned in warm hugs;

and bazillion of kisses

should be fired back at you,

for you possess genuine courage,

always ready to break the concrete barriers

just to ensure a safe little haven

for your treasured loved ones.

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    • Sunkesner profile image

      Sunkesner 23 months ago from Philippines

      Thank you. Fathers deserve to be appreciated. :)

    • Missy Smith profile image

      Missy Smith 23 months ago from Florida

      This is my dad. What a lovely tribute to the dads out there that have truly took their role as dad seriously. Lovely poem!