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Poem- My Token

Updated on July 27, 2014

My Token

Johnathan David


The Gate Of Fate

I'll Take You On

I Have No Fear

Bring It On

This Way Of Destiny

Shall Be Broken

I Have Nothing To Lose

It's A Part Of My Token

I Feel No Shame

I Feel No Pain

What I Take

Is What I Gain

I Fight Within Me

My Problem Made True

This is My Battle

I Don't Need A Crew

You Know You Can't Help Me

Get Rid Of That Frown

If You Try To Stop Me

I'll Take You Down

This Is My Token:

I Took You To The Floor

Take Now, My Token

And Get Out The Door

Nothing Can Stop Me

I Have No Fear

Nothing Worries Me

I'll Shed No Tear

What Has Got Me Here

Was Me, Myself, And I

There's Nothing You Can Do

Don't Even Try

I Must Find Where I Belong

I Must Find A Place To Go

I Have A Life To Live

This Is Not A Show

I Can't Make Friends

They're Too Hard To Bear

This Trip Will be Hard

I Have No Time To Care

I Can't Shake This Feeling

Must Find It Out

There's Something Somewhere

That Will Help Me Out

This Is My Fate

This Is My token

Fight Me Now

And You'll Be Chokin'

This Is My Path

It Is My Destiny

From Here On Out

My Life's Up To Me

Fate No More

My Token, All Yours.....

© 2014 Johnathan David


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