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Poem: Ulcer

Updated on March 13, 2009

I was very angry this day searching for a solution. In my dark days I
typically turn to the stars at night for answers.


The acid cauldron within boils
Overflows as vapors rise
Singing eyelids pursed from the orange haze of the tempests’ breath
Toxic air labors the inhale
As the Demon’s chain enrapts
Twisting tighter around the roar of a fading pulse
Death sits awaiting
The welcoming seductress awaiting
A kiss to dissolve fears and inequities awaiting
The cry before dawn as the shadow’s swallow sits quietly awaiting
The beginning I
The end I
A chance to start new
A chance at freedom
As with arms outstretched
Shackled I sit crying
Waiting for the deliverance
As the brass key hidden within the comet’s tail falls
Streaming across the sky into tomorrow


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