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Poem: Veiled

Updated on August 5, 2009

I wrote this poem while reflecting on the past; things I did not see, things I should have done, events I should have changed. In hindsight, I felt hooded, clouded, shaded underneath a veil.


Why can’t I see?
Vision’s clouded by currents of red
Jaded am I, not seeing, enmeshed
Ignoring the pink elephant as pressure mounts
Caving deeper
Further into crushed flesh
Like crystal lakes of Maine
Bold, still,
Clear as far as the eye can see
I remain imprisoned by this fallen curtain
Frustrated by sounds heard though unseen
Held hostage by past demons as I search blindly for answers
Reaching through darkness for the golden key

Laded by clouds low
A brow heavy with scenes past
Eclipsed by memories as I peer through fogged glass
I search for clues within the amethyst
Gaze at reflections inside the quartz
My salvation, the pure light within the diamond
My chance at freedom from this internal Alcatraz

And yet I ask,
Why can’t I see?
As answers rest tall, clear before me
I feel unsure, inept
Perhaps it’s fears hands around my neck
As this haze hovers still
Clouding my head
The capsule I must swallow without water
The antidote waiting once I chose to accept


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