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Poem About Relationships

Updated on June 12, 2015

There's always two sides to every situation.

Why can't you ever give credit to me

Why is it my side you can't ever see

I've proven you wrong but you turn things around

Then the answers for me can never be found

Our heads are both strong never wanting to break

Can't always give the blame some times you must take

It's always the past you through in my face

You don't care what time you don't care what place

Is my love not important are these feelings not real

We have so much to loose yet you wont give in still

What must I do to make your eyes see

There's only one for you and that's me

I know lately we just have too much stress

But staying together inn't that best

True love will wait isn't that what they say

Without you I couldn't go on each day

I am sorry for all the mean things that I said

I wouldn't be able to live if you were dead

I'm ready to give in it's time for love to show

Your the love of my life I want everyone to know

copyright 2012

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Would you like to read more poetry by Rachelle in the future?

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  • rachellerogillio profile image

    Linda R Rogillio 5 years ago from Baton Rouge, La.

    Don't worry I'm new to hub pages and these are all old poems. I have always been funny about who had access to my poems and now that I have had them copyrighted I am sharing them with the world. I feel that there's someone out there going through the exact same things I have gone through in life and hope to touch them with my writings. Thanks for the concern though and God Bless You.

  • Minnetonka Twin profile image

    Linda Rogers 5 years ago from Minnesota

    Very conflicted poem about a relationship that seems painful and rocky. I hope you can find resolution on whether this is the real love or not. Blessings and Happy New Year.