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Poem: "You ever wonder who's real...."

Updated on June 12, 2015

You ever wonder who's real and who's fake?

You ever wonder who's real and who's fake

Trust the wrong one that'll be your mistake

Who can you trust, who is your real friend?

A real friend does not have to pretend

When someone is true they won't talk no __it

The good things you do they'll never forget

A friend takes up for you when your not there

And will always try to do what is fair

A friend won't let your business out on the street

It's these kind of people that hard to meet

Don't let your guard down cause soon as you do

That's when so called friends will mess over you

Always watch close to how people act

You can only trust few that is a fact

Don't tell people things that could put you in jail

Snitches are people you thought you knew well

When it seems like they want to know too much stuff

And all of the details are never enough

Ask yourself is it out of concern

Make the wrong choice and you will get burned

copyright 2012

© 2013 Linda R Rogillio


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