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Poem: Display

Updated on December 13, 2010




Another beautiful Sunday with Nana

I’m sitting with her in silence

Her tiny living space,

filled with knick-knacks obligated

to display

She didn’t want to spoil anyone’s feelings.


I wonder when she started

to believe that thought.


Nana rocks in her pink lazy boy

hands folded on her plump belly

her feet barely sweeping the

tan carpet

I smile a she hums with joy.

            Our Stillness is broken

the high pitch ring tone echoed

Nana skips up from her chair

almost grumbles something

            Who’s calling on a Sunday?


The interruption was for me

I figure its mom informing the time

they would be here to pick me up

To my surprise

It was my first boyfriend

worried from our last talk

I too didn’t want to hurt his feelings

displaying my knick-knack of love


I to choose the path of being nice

for the sake of it



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