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Poem for the Silenced

Updated on August 26, 2012
Rock Bottom
Rock Bottom | Source
Small Dirt Road
Small Dirt Road | Source

Clothes Worn and Tongue Parched

I am on this lonely dirt road, clothes worn and tongue parched.

I am burdened down with a load, my aching back is slightly arched.

I am unsure of how far I have gone, and unsure of where I will go.

I am ending slowly, no new dawn; my destination I do not know.

There is a strange kind of peace, when you just get too damn crazy.

My burdens are released, and my vision is no longer hazy.

No more decisions, such as, this or that way.

No more provisions, I am freely lead astray.

Far away from civilization, away from all the city noise.

No signs of damnation, only signs of free choice.

This is true freedom, to have a completely free will.

To build my own kingdom, and to make my own thrills.

I am the King, and only I can make the rules.

Bells will ring, as in fools will be fools.

But with great power, comes major responsibilities,

Gentle as a flower, or filled with hostilities,

There is a side to be chose, and a line to be drawn.

You are either for it, or oppose it; chose and catch on.

But do not get me wrong, I do not follow crowds.

This lonely road is long, that is why I choose the clouds.

Elevation is the key to the information that I can see.

Frustration can and will be the seed poisoning me.

The moment of clarity awaits, as I hold-fast for my departure.

Intense waves of curiosity inflate, and I transform into a marcher.

Marching on straight and steady, yet sloppy and shaky,

Preparing and getting ready, for the one who acts snaky.

So, I shall plot and execute, a most marvelous sly plan.

I will stand most resolute, eye-to-eye, with an average con-man.

It is all a level plain, and it is all just the same field,

But we will never be the same, because to me, you yield.

It is becoming too hard to focus; distracted by my delusions.

I need some magical hocus pocus, to help ease my confusions.

Please, do not break my calm. It is the key to my creativity.

And even if I test and bomb; my improvisation is a proclivity.

With all of these things I could ever want or be,

Than why do I always seem to come up lonely?

Such as, right now, on this blistering hot and sunny day.

I do not know quite why, but I know that I will be okay.

Why be miserable thinking of all the things that you could have been?

Become hospitable; tell the nine and one half girl, that she is a ten.

But wait, how am I supposed to be optimistic in total darkness of the mind?

Just relate to a situation much worse and confide to it and be thankful for low tide.

Now I am alone with my thoughts, but not for long because they scare me.

Now for the coin toss; it is heads, but I was thinking the contrary.

I guess that just goes to show, you can not always be right,

And you reap just what you sow, when it is exposed in plain site.

A few words of advice; never mess with Karma.

Unless, you are enticed, then hope for feedback pro forma.

I am still so alone, I think this is actually a degree of being lost,

Burning up down to the bone, and a parched mouth, no accost.

No speaking, no waving, no laughing, just exhaustion and loneliness.

At night it is the same story. No one to snuggle with, and no coziness.

So, why give everything away to acclaim nearly nothing?

That is a question with no answer, causing my brain to begin jutting.

I may seem foolish or naive to you from your vantage point,

But step into my shoes, and take a good look from my standpoint.

It was not always easy, and it was not always pleasant,

But a life that is easy would be without purpose and completely unpleasant!

I have found that the more you think about life, the more complicated it will get, with no gratitude.

Once you learn to just reverse that strife from your life, it is easy to just quit those negative attitudes.

Life is about taking the hand your given and using each card (Skills etc.) for a specific task,

and not throwing in your hand no matter how crappy it is, if you need help just ask.

My life is not really worth much anymore, well, what I mean is; old age hit me.

In more than one spot, too. Soon, I will have to have a nurse come get me.

So, I am sharing this for all you youngsters out there,

Live everyday to the fullest, and show a little bit of care.

Trust me, it goes by way too fast. Do not waste a minute of your health.

Because tragedy can creep up on you like stealth.

Unpredictable are the pathways ahead, take caution,

And be able to recognize when a "fruit" has turned rotten.

A Fictional Poem Written By: Paul Steven Asbury

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