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Poem to My Unborn

Updated on November 16, 2011

I pray, I can produce you

This substance chooses to reduce you

I'm constantly hit with birth control

Your passage to life, it wanna patrol

Becoming a father seems scary

Wonder is it in me to fertilize an ovary

I ask are they strong, my sperm cells

to touch eggs without yolk and shell

Just the thought, gives me dry spells

happening with a lady in love, I fell

Its a call for these particular bells

So many loved ones wishing us well

Sex, but not a seed of mine sells

I want children, only time will tell

I stand proud at your baby shower

A handsome rock or beautiful flower

It runs in my clan, twins

Nothing like having the same wins

Blue or pink, I paint room with crib

Toys, bottles, pacifiers, and a bib

The sonogram to hear first sounds

Measuring all ounces to pounds

Ten toes to fingers in great health

Ready for deliverance like wealth

Clocks are ticking, I'll be biological

No other men to claim you, philosophical

I can't even wait to cut the umbilical

Give you the best care that's medical

Possibly, brothers and sisters in cycles

Buy you candy to different flavored Popsicles

Go shopping for your clothing articles

We decorate our Christmas trees of many icicles

Teach you how to ride a bicycle

Training wheels won't be an obstacle

Go on a trip of fishing rods to boxes tackle

Play with you and doll house of miracle

I never learned changing a pamper

I'm there when genitals are messy damper

Come to your rescue as you cry at nights

Cheer you up with magical bright lights

You'll be held in my arms just a little tight

Sometimes, sleep in your parents' bed from fright

Read favorite bedtime stories

Ensure there won't be any worries

I'm your guardian, protector, shield

Til you're old enough to go on own in field

Pick and drop you off at day care to babysitter

Then, take you out on the town for fun in glitter

Family photos throughout most of our home

Wonderful memories we'll have in this dome

I look forward to when you begin school

Disciplinary action to not be a fool

Don't be in wrong crowds, they're not cool

Knowledge can be your very greatest tool

Show you ropes, if you get into a fight

Watch you grow to your highest height

Guidance in the period of adolescence

so you can get things like a driver's license

Whether you pick up a paintbrush or pom-pom

I wanna see you make it to graduation and prom

Get a career or go to college in your freedom

Remember to always respect Dad and Mom

Talk anything from relationships to pregnancy

Science, politics, history, and democracy

I'm grateful, when you make me a grand

An in-law as we extend all our brand

Don't want you to witness damage I've seen

From my childhood to way beyond a teen

No one living with us to terrorize household

Keep balanced temperatures of hot and cold

Not many whippings in language to scold

No tension with relatives that's so old

Can't let you struggle like me in ages of twenty

Resources and support, there will be plenty

Want my child, but not in this economy

I promised to have you, after matrimony

I just don't wanna end up a baby daddy

I must be a husband to make it all happy

Do you know I was born out of wedlock

You won't be conceived in that shock

Grew up to not remember my real Pops

Some situations should have had red stops

Taught myself how to become a man

I did it the best way I can

Away from crisis, I haven't ran

You're not gonna be a repeat of plan

Prepared, mentally, emotionally, and physically

It takes a village to raise kids financially

A part of me is extra nervous

thinking its not taking place, I'm anxious

Not gonna put any pressure on your mother

for our creation of you to form in another

Don't want her to feel I'm just with her for this reason

Then, I'm threatened to be left alone in season

No more C-sections as she wants it natural

Love for me to experience it in actual

On the other side of the placenta

Gender to be named Alphonso or A'Layna

For now, I dream the whiteness of me in floating tunnel

Nine months of at least a working Fallopian funnel

I'm done dwelling on it and I'll leave it to God's way

I'm alive for you to enter the world in light of day

©2011, Alphonso Taylor. All rights reserved. No republication of this material in any form or medium is permitted without expressed permission of the author.


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